About Me

About Me

Some words are only understood once experienced. This blog revolves around a bunch of words that will hopefully make up a whole. Words that meant little to me before I came across people, joined institutions and found myself in situations that ‘explained’ them to me. Without further ado, this is my tentative list:

interdisciplinarity (or lack of focus?), multilinguist (or a loss of identity?), cultural transition ( or crossing the border?), tentative (or just chaotic?), serendipity (or organization?), critical thought (or critique?), research (or googling?), networking (or friendship?), bold thinking, creativity and innovation (or evading  the subject?), sociology (or social history?), literature (or for lack of other options…) wisdom (or eloquence?), cosmopolitanism, world citizenship (or many plain tickets in store?), ‘excellent communication skills’ (or lack of a hard-core degree?), tolerance (or lack of experience?), foxtrot (or waltz?), imperialism (or Russia?), insecurity (or what else?)…to be continued (or to be finished)…

Normally I write in sentences, but I cannot put my life in a sentence, yet. It does not make a logical whole – it’s a bunch of reflections, impressions, poems, essays, some certificates, several valuable friendships, one amazing family and a love. Nothing more, just moments that I try to put in words, explain or simply share. It’s a work and a life in progress, a dialogue of making sense and playing with meanings. Untill you find your own narrative. Dostoyevsky (or Chekhov?)

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